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Simple and luxurious bathroom cabinets and vanities with shelf and senor LED and ceramic basin bathroom vanity

Short Description:

1.Simple and light luxury bathroom cabinet, with ceramic basin, large and deep enough basin design floor no longer wet

2.Built-in handle, simple and beautif

Product Detail

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1.Simple light gray design, light luxury and advanced beauty

2.Bathroom cabinet with ceramic basin and white induction lamp

3.Using thin edge ceramic basin, easy to clean and maintain

Bathroom style new style, modern simple bathroom cabinet, minimalist style, warm and natural, do not lose atmosphere, constantly transcend and explore, abandon tedious, repeated design, with the perspective of life to restore the simple beauty of art life. Wall-mounted cabinet, waterproof and moisture-proof. Refuse formaldehyde, refuse odor, natural environmental protection solid wood, multi-layer environmental protection paint grinding, wood solid and steady, strong wear resistance, enhance moisture resistance to prevent deformation, insect prevention and anticorrosion, waterproof and moisture-proof, strong hardness, good bearing capacity, fine and smooth surface, comfortable touch, deepen ceramic basin, high temperature firing density, microcrystalline easy to clean antibacterial glaze, smooth touch, circular water retaining design, Prevent water from splashing. The mirror is transparent and clear, reconstructing the imaging details, sharpening the clarity, restoring the visual experience beyond the human eye. Simple hidden embedded handle, beautiful, durable, to the exception of the handle, save space at the same time is not afraid of children's bumps and bruises, and fingers fit. High quality hardware, durable no noise, protect the family each comfortable sleep, refuse disturbing noise, mute buffer, prolong the service life. Large storage space, up and down storage, home miscellaneous, objective storage cabinet to help you strong storage, portable storage, daily necessities classification and display is not messy, reasonable classification storage, meet the needs of the family, take care of every detail of life, mirror back beauty storage design, can easily skin care and makeup in the bathroom. Multiple selection of cabinet specifications, use different bathroom types, choose the bathroom specifications suitable for the home, fashion and simple, home new vitality, create a dream in the heart. The mirror cabinet is installed with white induction lights, full of atmosphere light sense details, to bring more art to the bathroom, feel different life, make the bathroom cabinet more clean and tidy.



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