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Fashion minimalism bathroom vanity cabinet with ambient lighting and ceramic basin and large storage spacer bathroom cabinet

Short Description:

1.Simple and light luxury bathroom cabinet, with ceramic basin, large and deep enough basin design floor no longer wet

2.Aluminum alloy embedded handle, simple and beautiful

Product Detail

Product Tags


1.Simple light gray design, light luxury and advanced beauty

2.Bathroom cabinet with ceramic basin and high definition silver mirror

3.Using thin edge ceramic basin, easy to clean and maintain

The charm of light luxury, the enjoyment of beauty, the unique luster makes the bathroom feel fashionable, with the coexistence of comfort and beauty, the appearance level is practical, simple color design, fear not aesthetic picky, American light luxury, experience modern simple life, experience natural life, abandon all complicated technology, at least visual noise and exquisite technology interpretation of the return to the essence of simple luxury beauty. Multi-layer solid wood board, solid wood cutting, no formaldehyde, no odor, environmental protection paint process, fear of moisture, waterproof and moisture-proof, multi-layer process to create, effectively improve water resistance, stable structure, not easy to deformation, durable, skin sense board, exquisite texture, waterproof more skin friendly. Hidden handle, simple, beautiful atmosphere, abandon too many complex elements, more suitable hand pull design, effectively prevent children bump. Deepen the ceramic under the basin, high temperature burning density, strong antibacterial wear resistance, not only the appearance level is high, but also practical, no matter how big the water flow is not easy to splash out, spray cotton put more cosmetics, wash hair, face, clothes are very convenient in the basin, the basin with human body white induction lamp, increase the sense of fashion atmosphere, close to the automatic induction light, leave the automatic light off, night lighting is more convenient, Give a person to create a warm feeling. Hd silver mirror, imaging clear, clear display yourself, vertical uniform light, show beautiful makeup. Large capacity storage space, partition storage, scientific structure division, open, is a big world of life, closed, and clean as new small space, so that storage more easily goodbye messy. Cabinet door adopts stainless steel hydraulic hinge, push and pull smoothly, open and close silently, safety buffer design, durable, quiet smooth, fearless decoration style, to create your bathroom, exquisite and simple beauty, let the bathroom more charming, yearning for a better life, pure and elegant, is a new style of life.



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